Moving Your Office? Now is the Time for Commercial Storage in Kamloops

Moving Your Office? Now is the Time for Commercial Storage in Kamloops

When you’re moving offices, it’s the perfect time to move unused office furnishings and equipment, archived document boxes and file boxes into commercial storage in Kamloops. Valleyview Mini Storage understands small business storage needs, so whether you’re moving a large or small office or a retail business, you’ll find a storage unit that suits your needs and budget, as well as moving and packing supplies to make the move easier.

The following are three typical business or office moving scenarios.

  • Moving your small business and employees to a new office space.
  • Moving from a traditional office space to a new home office.
  • Moving from your home office to a new office or shared space.

These moving situations require different approaches and planning and can have very different costs depending on how quickly the move needs to be done, whether you hire a moving coordinator, the moving truck rental, and how many people (or professional movers) will be required to complete the move. However, one thing that all these business moves have in common is a need for storage.

Using Our Kamloops Storage Helps Reduce Moving Costs

Office moves typically cost about $1-$2 per square foot, or approximately $0.75 per square foot for packing your office. If you want a crew to pack up your office outside of business hours, so not to interrupt your business operations, this will add overtime or weekend costs. You can reduce these costs and the time it takes, by taking the opportunity to reduce office clutter and document archives and move them into Kamloops commercial storage in the months before your office move.

By moving unused office items into a storage unit before the move, you benefit in several ways.

  • You won’t be paying movers to move items you seldom or never use.
  • Unused furniture, equipment and document archives won’t be taking up valuable space in your new office.
  • The move won’t take as long and will therefore cost less.
  • You’ll finally have the incentive to organize your business document archives. Read “Business Document Storage Tips”.
  • Once you’ve moved items into your storage unit, your new office will remain uncluttered because you have an organized, secure storage space you can utilize as required.

Moving & Storage Considerations

We are all familiar with moving households, but few of us have experienced moving and reconfiguring an office. There are many questions you’ll have to ask yourself. Will the new space be significantly smaller or larger than the present office? If the space is smaller, you’ll need to decide what to keep, what to toss or recycle, and what to move to a commercial storage unit at Valleyview Mini Storage. Can you store documents, old computers and hard drives, furniture, file cabinets and boxes?

You’ll also have to decide whether to do it yourself or hire professional packers who specialize in office moves. This is an especially crucial decision when moving large workstations or several cubicles that will need re-assembly.

Other logistical issues need addressing, too. Will you need new landlines? Is this a good opportunity to upgrade your tech equipment? Will you or an IT company be setting up the computers and internet connections (WIFI, high-speed routers, cables, etc.) in the new space? If you are a retail operation, is this a good opportunity to move overflow stock into storage?

Moving Offices? Get Commercial Storage at Valleyview

Valleyview Mini Storage climate-controlled storage units are ideal for commercial storage. Our storage facility is secure, video monitored and has key card-only access. We also carry a good supply of moving and packing supplies. Our helpful storage staff can help you choose the right storage unit and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today!