Organizing Your Storage Locker for Camping Gear

Organizing Kamloops storage locker for camping gear

Organizing Your Storage Locker for Camping Gear

If you rent a storage locker in Kamloops and you’re a camper or outdoor adventure enthusiast, summer is the time to consider reorganizing storage so you can easily find your camping and outdoor equipment while also extending its life.

Valleyview Mini Storage lockers are perfect for camping gear storage because they are climate-controlled and secure. We have over 45 assorted sizes of lockers, so whether you need a small locker just for camping and summer gear, or a larger locker for all of your residential storage needs, you’ll find something that suits your requirements and budget.

Kamloops is a camper’s playground with tens of provincial, private and recreational campgrounds near the city. Because of Kamloopsians love of the outdoors, our storage facility is familiar with the needs of campers and outdoor enthusiasts. With that in mind, following are some tips for organizing a storage locker for your outdoor or camping equipment.

Outdoor Equipment & Camping Gear Storage Tips

Your expensive outdoor gear and camping equipment will serve you for years to come if you take a little time to prepare items and your storage locker.

Follow these tips:

Dry all tents, tent flys, sleeping bags, packs, boots and rain gear before storing.

If tarps, flys and sleeping bags smell like mildew, consider purchasing a technical gear wash or “tent wash” spray to clean and protect these items and consider dry cleaning sleeping bags. Technical fabric sprays clean mildew, reduce odour, protect fabric, and often contain UV guards that prevent sun damage. Many bricks-and-mortar and online outdoor gear stores sell technical fabric cleaners.

Clean and dry cook stove grills and drain stoves of fuel. Combustibles aren’t permitted in storage lockers.

Bring cheap shelves and/or stackable storage bins into storage. Some of our customers use translucent bins because you can what’s in them without having to open the lid.

Place smaller items in bins and label the bins so you can easily find what you need.

Roll sleeping bags or purchase vacuum space bags that allow you to suction out the air, saving a lot of room in your storage locker.

Stack space bags on shelves or place them in bins or boxes.

Fold dry tarps and tent flys and place them on shelves or hang them on hooks or racks.

Organize items by category. For example, store tents, flys and tarps together; fishing poles and tackle together, and cooking equipment together.

Don’t stack boxes or bins too high because they can easily fall over and items may become damaged. Stacking boxes too high can also cause lifting injuries and makes it more difficult to find things in storage.

Buy boxes and packing supplies directly from Valleyview Mini Storage. We carry an ample supply of boxes, bankers boxes, bubble wrap and packing paper, plastic-film mattress bags and tape.

Ask Us About Camping Gear Storage Lockers

If you have questions about what’s allowed in storage or need help choosing the right size storage locker for your belongings, please contact us. Valleyview Mini Storage staff are always happy to help. Our storage facility is located at #10 – 1967 East Trans Canada Highway, Kamloops, in the Valleyview Shopping Centre (view Google map).