Packing Fragile Items for Moving or Storage in Kamloops

Packing Fragile Items for Moving or Storage in Kamloops

Whether you’re moving a few boxes or the entire contents of your home in Kamloops and need to place your belongings into storage, knowing how to pack fragile items can save you heartache, headaches, and money. With the following tips and the right moving boxes and packing supplies, your breakable belongings will remain safe.

Packing Supplies You’ll Need

  • Sturdy moving boxes designed for packing
    You may be tempted to get used boxes from grocery stores, but doing so has its risks. Grocery store boxes are often weak and may or may not have a lid. They are often designed to carry produce, which is light and cardboard is often low quality. New moving boxes are the best choice for packing fragile items. You’ll be assured that the cardboard is strong and box seams have not broken down from overuse or moisture.
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper – Does not contain inks that transfer to valuables.

If you need a convenient source for these packing supplies or moving boxes in Kamloops, visit our Valleyview Mini Storage office. We carry everything you need to safely pack your belongings.

The Basics of Packing Any Fragile Item into Moving Boxes

The basic principles of safely packing fragile items (glasses, cups, framed pictures or other breakables) are the same: pad the box, wrap the item you are packing, place in box, fill the voids with packing paper or bubble wrap.

  1. Select the right sized box – use smaller boxes rather than choosing a large box. Large boxes become heavy when filled and the contents can break under their own weight if stacked in too many layers.
  2. Tape the box bottom using the “H” taping method. Tape the middle seam with a couple of strips of tape, extending them down the sides of the box. Then, tape the seams at the sides of the box as shown in the image below.Taping a moving box
  3. Line the bottom of the moving box with crumpled packing paper or bubble wrap.
  4. Wrap items in paper or bubble wrap. Use ample paper. Secure the paper with a little tape if required.
  5. Don’t overpack the box. Overpacking can make a box heavy. Heavy boxes are more likely to be dropped. More fragile items in a box also means more items that can break if a box is dropped or shifts/slips during a move. “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” as the saying goes.
  6. Fill space between items with paper or bubble wrap so they don’t shift and bump into adjacent items. Breakage often occurs as a result of items moving around in the box and bumping into one other.
  7. Fill spaces at box sides with bubble wrap or crumpled packing paper. This further prevents contents from moving within and helps prevent breakage from bumps and drops.
  8. Leave space between the top of packed items and the box lid. Fill the void completely with crumpled paper or bubble wrap so there is no dead air space between your items and the box top. This will stop items from moving and will protect the contents.
  9. Secure the box top using the same “H” taping method used on the bottom.Taping a moving box top

For more helpful information on packing for a move, see Tips for Packing Boxes for Your Kamloops Move.

Need Moving Boxes for Kamloops Storage or Moving?

Valleyview Mini Storage carries everything you need for moving or packing. If you have questions about our moving boxes, packing supplies, or about mini storage for your household or business items, we’re here to help. Contact us here.