Secure Document Storage. Why Kamloops Businesses Need It

Secure Document Storage. Why Kamloops Businesses Need It

Secure document storage has become a necessary step in due diligence for Kamloops businesses to safeguard the privacy of business, personal and client information from ending up in the wrong hands, being consumed by fire, or destroyed by flooding.

Your Business Documents Are Vulnerable 12+ Hours Per Day

While all properties from homes to retail locations are vulnerable to break-ins, floods and fire, these calamities pose more of a threat to Kamloops business offices which are vacant 12+ hours each evening and may be completely vacant on weekends. After your business day ends and everyone leaves, your office contents, including document storage areas, are at risk.

Our secure business document storage for Kamloops eliminates these risks.

Identity and Information Theft Are More Common than You Think

In non-business hours, businesses are easy targets for criminals looking to turn a quick buck. Though they are more likely to steal your computer equipment, till, or look for your petty cash box, your paper files may also hold significant value. If your Kamloops business is storing archives of valuable client, patient, or other business documents on paper in filing cabinets in your office, unfortunately you have made it easy for criminals to steal information.

While the total reported dollar loss of identity theft fell from 2012 to 2014, the number of victims increased. According to the Canadian Anti Fraud Center Annual Statistical Report in 2012, 17,094 Canadians were victims of identity theft compared to 20,611 victims in 2014. The impact on victims can be stressful, time-consuming and expensive.

In the same way that it has become necessary to password protect your computer and safeguard electronic data, it has become equally important that Kamloops businesses use some form of secure document storage. Many businesses have a legal obligation to take reasonable steps to secure client information.

Fire and Flood

Another danger that all Kamloops businesses face, especially in non-business hours, is fire and flood. After hours, all of your business documents could be ruined by fire, smoke or water damage. Storing important archives of business documents on-site is courting disaster. Ask anyone who has arrived at their office in the morning to find that it has been flooded, or worse, damaged by fire and smoke during the night. Like all calamities, you never think the tragedy will befall you…until it does.

For a relatively small monthly investment, you can securely store business document archives off-site at Valleyview Mini Storage in a climate-controlled, environment that is far less susceptible to the effects of fire or flood.

Secure Storage Units & Lockers Keep Business Documents Safe

Secure Document Storage Off Site Protects Against Theft, Fire and Flood

Off-site business storage is an easy remedy that protects against theft, fire and flood. In addition, your business can free up valuable space for other items in the office. Our self-storage for businesses costs less than the big names in secure business document storage, while providing similar security and peace of mind.

At Valleyview Mini Storage, our staff are on site from 9am – 5pm but your documents are secured 24/7 with keycard access to the building, and security cameras on every business storage unit. In addition to being secure, your documents are stored in a dry climate-controlled environment.

Contact Us About Secure Document Storage for Your Business

If you have questions about self-storage for your Kamloops business, contact us. Our helpful staff can guide you to the right size storage unit. We also carry boxes and packing supplies.