Shopping for Storage Units in Kamloops? Compare Value Not Price

Smaller storage unit door

Shopping for Storage Units in Kamloops? Compare Value Not Price

If you’re considering renting a storage unit in Kamloops, you’ll find there are a number of storage companies to choose from. Many people think “a storage unit is a storage unit”, and thus choose the lowest price without considering the “value” for that price.

When shopping for storage, it’s best to compare “apples to apples”, including not only storage unit features, but also the storage facility itself.

What Makes a “Good” Storage Unit?

A “good” storage unit is one that:

Is accessible only from inside the storage facility
Some Kamloops storage have storage units that are accessible from the building exterior or are even located on a lot (as is the case with some “mobile storage” containers). While this may seem attractive in terms of drive-up access, storage units accessible from outside the building are far less secure.

Is private and accessible only by you
Only you should be able to access your storage unit and contents should not be visible from outside the unit.

Is protected from extremes of temperature and moisture
Find out whether the storage units are climate-controlled, protecting your belongings from mold, mildew, and damage from heat or cold. Outside and mobile storage units are susceptible to moisture and rodents.

Has ample height
High ceilings make even smaller storage units more usable. Given the same area (width x length), a storage unit with higher ceilings provides you more cubic footage for stacking boxes, totes and storing bed frames and other furnishings standing upright.

Has lockable rollup doors
Rollup doors make accessing a storage locker easy. They should be lockable and accommodate a secure lock of your choosing.

Has sealed concrete floors
Sealed concrete prevents moisture and mildew from penetrating the comparatively porous concrete surface and potentially affecting your belongings.

Is clean
A clean storage facility is often a well-run, well-maintained storage facility. If the reception area, elevator areas, entrance and parking area are a mess, it may be a sign that the facility is not well run or maintained.

Is easily accessed
If you do find a competitively-priced storage unit, but the facility is difficult to get to, doesn’t have ample parking, and storage-access hours are limited, are you really getting good value?

Storage Units are Only as Good as The Facility That Rents Them

If the storage units tick all the boxes in the list above, the next thing to do is compare the storage facility’s features.

A good Kamloops storage facility is one that:

  • Has high-security features such as key card-only access and video surveillance
  • Is climate-controlled, protecting your items from heat, cold, mold and mildew
  • Offers numerous storage sizes
  • Has convenient storage access hours
  • Is conveniently located
  • Is well-maintained
  • Rewards loyalty with a referral program or prepayment discounts
  • Has trained, courteous staff who understand the needs of their storage customers

Competitively-Priced Storage Units in a Reputable Kamloops Storage Facility

Valleyview Mini Storage offers 45+ sizes of competitively-priced storage units that are located in a secure, climate-controlled facility. You can access your storage from 7am to 7pm, seven days a week. Our facility is easy to get to and minutes from most parts of Kamloops. We’re located just off the Trans Canada Highway between Oriole Road and the Highway East Frontage Road. That’s high value!

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