Top Reasons You Should Switch to Better Commercial Storage in Kamloops

Commercial storage in Kamloops

Top Reasons You Should Switch to Better Commercial Storage in Kamloops

If your business uses commercial storage in Kamloops there are several reasons you might want to choose a better storage facility. Commercial storage is serious business. Businesses often store valuable belongings and important business documents that need to be secure and safe from theft and extremes in temperature and humidity. Other important factors businesses should consider when choosing a commercial storage facility are convenience, well-trained staff, and internal protocols that ensure your belongings remain safe.

The following are a several reasons you might consider switching to Valleyview Mini Storage to meet your commercial storage needs.


A Kamloops commercial storage facility is only secure if it uses sound security measures that are proven to reduce the risk of theft. A locked “garage style” door on an exterior storage unit doesn’t stop a motivated break-and-enter artist, so other safeguards must be in place.

Valleyview Mini Storage is built with interior storage units only, 24/7 video monitoring of all units and key card building access. No one can enter the storage areas of our building without a key card, which are virtually impossible to copy.

Climate Control

Most commercial storage facilities in Kamloops lack climate controls. Items in storage can often be affected by extremes in temperature and moisture. Without climate controls, documents and other paper may become mildew stained, textiles may decay, electronics may be damaged and wooden furniture can warp.

Valleyview Mini Storage is fully climate-controlled so the temperature and humidity are ideal for storing your valuable belongings.


While there are a number of Kamloops commercial storage facilities to choose from, few are as conveniently located as Valleyview Mini Storage. We’re located in the Valleyview Shopping Centre on East Trans Canada Highway just west of Oriole Road. Our location is minutes from most Kamloops neighbourhoods and about 10 minutes from downtown.

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Hours of Operation

Many commercial storage facilities in Kamloops are 9 am – 5 pm, Monday-Saturday operations, and several are closed by 4 pm.

Valleyview Mini Storage offices are open 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Saturday, and your storage unit is accessible from 7 am to 7 pm seven days a week.

Attentive, Trained Staff

For some commercial storage facilities, customer service is an afterthought. While we pride ourselves on having the cleanest, most secure commercial storage in Kamloops, we also want our customers to be satisfied with the service provided by our staff. Our friendly staff are well trained and attentive our customers’ needs. We know that good customer service will keep our clients happy and help us win more customers through word-of-mouth.

Need Commercial Storage in Kamloops? Choose Valleyview Mini Storage

If you’re looking for secure, climate-controlled commercial storage units in Kamloops, Valleyview Mini Storage would love to have you as a customer. Give us a call or drop by. We’d be happy to discuss commercial storage options and give you a tour of our storage facility. If you have questions about rates, storage unit sizes or anything related to commercial or residential storage, contact us. Our helpful staff is always glad to answer questions.