What is Climate-Controlled Storage and Do You Need It?

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What is Climate-Controlled Storage and Do You Need It?

If you’ve ever visited the Valleyview Mini Storage website then you’ll have read that we refer to our Kamloops storage facility as “climate-controlled storage”. You see the phrase used a lot in the storage industry, but the technology is also used in many modern buildings including retail shopping centres, office buildings and apartment buildings. In this article, we describe what climate control means and why you would want it.

The idea behind climate-control technology is simple: when temperatures and humidity outside are extreme, the climate controls in the building automatically adjust internal temperature and humidity. Regardless of storms or heatwaves, people inside the building remain comfortable and stored items are unaffected by cold, heat, moisture or dryness. Like Goldilocks in the fairy tale, the internal atmosphere is “just right”.

While almost all residential and commercial structures have internal temperature controls, not all have climate controls. When you see “temperature-controlled storage” advertised as a feature of a storage facility, the reality is that the impressive sounding “techy” phrase may be no more than a typical thermostat that regulates heat. Sometimes the thermostat is manually controlled – much like in many houses or apartments – or, automatically adjusted when temperatures fall too far below or above what is considered “moderate” or comfortable. In the self-storage business, the distinction is important, because although temperature controls are a part of climate control, regulating temperature alone doesn’t provide full protection for your belongings.

Summary of key points:

  • Temperature control by itself is not “climate control”.
  • Climate-controlled storage uses technology that regulates both temperature and humidity.
  • An important part of climate control is HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) – a system that recycles a building’s air, removes dust and airborne particulate matter.
  • Proper insulation also plays a role in controlling the internal climate.

How a Climate-Controlled Storage Building Protects Your Belongings

To understand how a climate-controlled storage facility protects your belongings, first you have to understand what can happen without it.

Without climate controls:

  • Textiles are subject to breakdown from moisture or dryness.
  • Objects made of wood (furniture and furnishings) may warp or crack.
  • Artwork and paper may be damaged from mold or mildew, sometimes referred to as “foxing” (spots of mold and other contaminants).
  • Metals may rust or corrode.
  • In electronics and computers, circuitry may corrode or suffer other negative effects, such as condensation, which can cause “short circuits”.

You may want to rent climate-controlled storage unit if:

  • Belongings are valuable and costly to replace
  • Belongings aren’t easily replaced, such as antiques, family heirlooms and other belongings that have sentimental value

If you’re shopping for storage in Kamloops, why not choose a storage facility that features climate controls? The benefits far outweigh the insignificant price difference.

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