What to Look for in a Kamloops Commercial Storage Company

Commercial storage in Kamloops

What to Look for in a Kamloops Commercial Storage Company

If you are looking for Kamloops commercial storage, there are few things that you may want to consider before signing on the dotted line. Not all business storage companies are created equally. The following are what you should look for, before you move your valuable business items into storage:

  • Security and monitored access.
  • A climate-controlled environment.
  • Convenient access.
  • A range of storage unit sizes.
  • Packing supplies available on site.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Competitive pricing.

While you may find some of these benefits exist in other Kamloops commercial storage companies, Valleyview Mini Storage is proud to offer all of them.

Is the Storage Facility Secure?

It’s vital that items your business stores are secure and safe. Valleyview Mini Storage security has keycard-only access, video monitoring of every storage unit, with units that cannot be accessed from the building’s perimeter.

Is the Commercial Storage Facility Climate-Controlled?

If you are storing documents, signage, textiles or other items that are susceptible to the effects of moisture or hot or cold temperatures, it’s important to choose a storage facility that employs technology that protects against damaging interior environment conditions. Valleyview Mini Storage is climate-controlled, ensuring that anything you store is protected from mold, mildew, dampness, humidity, and high or low extremes in temperature.

Is Access to Storage Convenient?

Access to your stored items should be convenient. If you can only access storage during the week or must make an appointment, it makes moving things in and out of storage a hassle. Our storage facility provides businesses with 7am to 7pm access 7 days per week.

Are There Many Storage Locker Size Options?

Some Kamloops commercial storage companies offer only a few sizes of storage units and many are just too large for smaller businesses. Valleyview Mini Storage allows you to choose from 45 different storage unit sizes from as small as 25 square feet to as large as 280 square feet. All of our storage units have 9′ ceilings, allowing for tall items and stacks of boxes. Our range of storage units can accommodate the storage needs of both large and small businesses.

Does the Business Storage Facility Have Boxes and Packing Supplies On Site?

It’s a good idea to choose a Kamloops business storage company that has packing material available on site. Having to go elsewhere for packing material is an inconvenience and can be frustrating. Our storage facility carries an excellent supply of moving boxes and packing supplies.

Are Customers Satisfied and is Customer Service Excellent?

While security, convenience and climate-control are important, so is customer services. Dealing with storage staff that are poorly trained or unresponsive can turn an otherwise good storage experience into a bad one. Our customers receive top-notch service from trained, courteous staff.

Just read what our customers say:

“Our industry generates a large volume of hardcopy paper files that must be held for up to 25 years. Valleyview Storage has provided us with an accessible, economical and clean solution to the high cost of on-site storage in a downtown Kamloops office.” – Hazel P, Seasons Consulting Group.

“As a long-term, eight-year customer of Valleyview Mini Storage, I can attest to the quality of product they offer. The ladies who manage the facility are always friendly and helpful.” – Valery M, Sun Peaks Resort.

Are the Commercial Storage Prices Competitive?

Some Kamloops business storage facilities are exorbitantly priced. Valleyview Storage offers pricing that is extremely competitive and provides excellent value to our customers.

Questions About Kamloops Commercial Storage?

If you have questions about commercial storage in Kamloops, contact Valleyview Mini Storage. Our friendly staff is always ready to help.