Why Climate-Controlled and Secure Commercial Storage is Vital for Kamloops Businesses

Why Climate-Controlled and Secure Commercial Storage is Vital for Kamloops Businesses

For many businesses in Kamloops, secure commercial storage is a necessary and economical way to provide document, equipment and inventory storage options. Most businesses will eventually need storage, particularly those who have been in business for several years or more, because the longer a business is operational, the more “stuff” is accumulated.

Valleyview Mini Storage provides Kamloops businesses convenient, secure, climate-controlled business storage options that can help you reclaim your office space!

Why Commercial Storage Becomes Necessary

While a general lack of space often prompts the decision to consider commercial storage, there are many other reasons.

Kamloops businesses rent commercial storage because:

  • Office storage is full
  • In-building storage becomes full or doesn’t have security and climate controls
  • Space offices are used for storage because of a lack of available storage space and become needed for new employees
  • Renovations require office spaces to be temporarily cleared
  • They want to reclaim space by moving unused or seldom used items to business storage
  • Document storage must be climate-controlled
  • Unused or seasonal inventory and overstock takes up too much retail office space
  • Office and retail square footage is too costly to be used for storage. Businesses can dedicate reclaimed space for revenue-generating purposes
  • Seldom used, but required, equipment is taking up space

Why Climate-Controlled, Secure Commercial Storage?

If you are storing documents, unused inventory or equipment, you may have a false sense of security. Offices and building storage are targeted by thieves because they are often easily broken into and/or not well monitored. Building storage is frequently located in parkades or basements and offer little (if any) reliable security deterrents and no climate control. Even during business hours, parkades and basements see little foot traffic. The absence of a human deterrent emboldens thieves and can make break-and-entry relatively easy.

Storage in basements and parkades is subject to extreme temperature and humidity changes. In fall and winter, they can be very damp and cold, and in summer extremely hot. These temperature extremes cause harm to paper, textiles, furnishings and even electronics, which can short or be corroded by condensation.

Valleyview Mini Storage Security and Climate Controls
Our building is purpose built for residential and commercial storage and can only be accessed by key card. Only our staff and customers can access our storage units between the hours of 7am to 7pm. Each storage unit has a lockable, rolldown metal door. The exterior of the building and each storage unit is video monitored. Staff are on site from 9 am – 5 pm. Monday through Saturday. The Valleyview building features state-of-the-art climate controls that maintain moderate temperature and humidity, so stored belongings are safe from moisture, mold, mildew, fibre breakdown, paper “foxing” and warpage.

Ask Us About Commercial Storage Options

If your office space is becoming crowded and you’ve run out of in-office or building storage, consider our Kamloops commercial storage units. Contact us for a free consultation. Our secure, climate-controlled storage units are available in many sizes to accommodate the needs of most businesses.