How to Choose and Use a Self Storage Locker for Your Business

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How to Choose and Use a Self Storage Locker for Your Business

If your Kamloops business is running low on space, renting a storage locker can help you clear out the clutter while ensuring that every square foot of your office or place of business is contributing to your bottom line. Commercial real estate square footage is too expensive to waste on “make do” storage.

Frequently, on-site business storage provides insufficient space. Offices, hallways, and closets become cluttered. Some business owners resort to storing unused business equipment, furnishings and documents in their own homes.

Even a small storage locker will make a huge difference in keeping your business or office space clutter free, organized, and less frustrating to work in.

Choosing a Storage Company

There are quite a few storage facilities in Kamloops, so how do you choose one that suits your needs?

The following are a few things to consider:

Is the storage facility in a convenient location? If you need frequent access to your storage locker, choose a storage company that is easy to drive to from your business location.

Convenient storage access hours
Some storage companies require booking an appointment to access your storage, or may have limited access hours.

Climate control
Choose a storage company that has a climate-controlled environment. Without climate controls, documents, textiles, electronics and wood can suffer detrimental effects of moisture, heat or cold. For more information, read “What is Climate-Controlled Storage and Do You Need It?”.

Does the storage company use security features and procedures that protect your belongings? Don’t hesitate to ask about the building’s security system, video monitoring, and security procedures.

Storage sizes available
Some self storage facilities offer very few choices of locker sizes. You may wind up renting a locker that is too small or too large.

See storage locker sizes at Valleyview Mini Storage.

Tips for Using a Storage Locker for Your Business

Prepare items for storage

  • Pack items in boxes when possible.
  • Use smaller boxes for heavier items and if you are using larger boxes don’t pack them too heavy.
  • Use packing paper to fill voids in the box and prevent items from moving around. Use bubble wrap to cushion all sides of the box.

Label boxes
Whether you use a felt pen or stick-on label, always use a label that indicates the contents.

Inventory items you store
Use a paper notepad or ledger, or spreadsheet program to list each box and its contents. An inventory may take a little time, though it will save you frustration and more time when locating items in storage.

FILO: First In, Last Out
When moving items into storage, remember that the first things you put in storage are typically at the back and harder to access. Conversely, the last things you place in your locker are near the front and easier to access. The things you need more frequent access should be placed in storage last.

Ask About Storage Lockers at Valleyview Mini Storage

Valleyview Mini Storage leases competitively-priced storage lockers that are suitable for both business and residential use. If you’d like help choosing the right size storage for your business, or if you’d like an estimate for a storage rental, please contact us.