Moving to Kamloops? Get Storage, Pack & Move Like a Pro

Moving boxes and packing supplies

Moving to Kamloops? Get Storage, Pack & Move Like a Pro

Our Kamloops storage company is used by many people who decide to move to Kamloops from another city or town. Moving from a city you’ve lived in for awhile, perhaps your entire life, is an adventure, though a stressful one! Once you’ve decided to pull up roots, much needs to be done, and in a certain order.

The following are some planning, move packing and self storage tips that can help you stay on track while reducing stress.

Planning Tips

As soon as you know when and where you are moving:

Call your utility companies
Update your address with the utility providers. If you’re moving from another city or town in BC to Kamloops, thankfully many of these companies provide the same service in Kamloops.

View Google maps or contact information for Kamloops utilities: Telus, Shaw, Rogers, BC Hydro. A phone call is all it takes to update your account and ensure your services are ready for you on your move-in date.

Call your cellular provider
Most of the common cellular providers have stores in Kamloops. View Google maps and contact information for Kamloops cellular companies: Telus, Rogers, Bell, Koodo, Fido, Freedom Mobile, and Shaw (same link as above).

Find a daycare
If you have toddlers in daycare, arrange daycare in Kamloops as soon as possible. There may be waitlists, so it’s important to set this up as soon as you know you’re moving. View a Google map of Kamloops day care centres.

Register school aged children for public school
Visit the Kamloops School District (SD73) “Register for school” page to learn how.

Move Packing Tips from Our Kamloops Storage Facility

Packing is all about organization. The following are quick move packing tips from our Kamloops storage blog.

Use new boxes
Grocery store boxes are usually flimsy and often have no top (like many vegetable boxes that grocery stores give away). Old boxes may also have hidden mold that can migrate to anything inside them.

Don’t scrimp on packing paper and/or bubble wrap
Fill the voids between items in each box and use plenty of packing paper or bubble wrap. If the box is jostled or dropped, packing material decreases the likelihood of breaking items in the box.

Don’t overpack boxes
Overpacked boxes are heavy, difficult to lift, are easily dropped and can cause lifting injuries.

Label every box
Box labels make it easy to identify the contents of each box.

First In Last Out
In your moving truck and storage unit, the items you put in first will be the last items you bring out last. This isn’t as important for the moving truck, but if you rent storage in Kamloops to temporarily store belongings so you can take some time to get settled, then this rule is important. Things you need most often should be at the front of storage (nearest the rollup doors), while items you’ll need less urgently or less frequently can be placed toward the back.

Read “10 Packing, Moving and Storage Planning Tips” (Part 1 and Part 2) for more detailed information about packing for storage.

Rent Storage in Kamloops at Valleyview Mini Storage

If you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably moving to our beautiful city. Welcome! Congratulations and best of luck moving and settling in. Many of our Kamloops storage facility customers became customers because of a move to our city. If you have questions about storage or need boxes or packing supplies, please contact us. We’re always happy to help!