Why Store Christmas Decorations in Kamloops Storage?

Why Store Christmas Decorations in Kamloops Storage?

It’s nearly Christmas time again: time for family, food, giving, and time to remember which moving boxes contain what decorations and where the heck you stored them!

If you are like many people, you’ll begin the season wondering where you’ve stored the ornaments, tinsel, lights, garlands, wreaths and other decorations. You’ll search for these things stored in moving boxes or old gift boxes – stowed in various locations around your home. They take up space in the garage or basement, closets, maybe even under the bed. Some items will be missing and never found, broken or hidden beneath a tangle of light strands and tinsel. The problem isn’t the decorations…it’s storage, or, rather, the lack thereof! For many people, this all too common scenario plays itself out year after year. Why not find a permanent home for these sentimental (and expensive) decorations so: 1) you can find them, 2) they are safe, and; 3) they don’t clutter up your home?

The Spirit of Christmas Storage Present

For a study in Christmas contrasts, consider how easy it is for someone who stores their decorations at Valleyview Mini Storage. When it’s time to decorate, they take a quick trip to storage and they know *exactly* where everything is. Why? First and foremost, their decorations are in one place: a secure, climate-controlled storage unit. They’ve probably also taken a little time to organize – gathering up packing supplies and moving boxes. They’ve labelled the boxes, so they know what’s inside, and placed them in their storage unit. There’s plenty of room (we have many storage unit sizes to choose from) and moving Christmas decorations in and out of storage is a breeze.

People who store decorations at Valleyview Mini Storage don’t upend their home searching for decorations; ornaments aren’t lost, broken or ruined by moisture or rodents; and more importantly, your Christmas spirit isn’t tainted by frustration and stress.

Quick Tips for Storing Christmas Decorations in Kamloops Storage

  • Use new moving boxes.
    Old boxes are weak and may collapse, get dropped and break your decorations. We sell several sizes of moving boxes.
  • Use plenty of packing paper and/or bubble wrap.
    Wrap individual decorations in packing paper and add a layer of bubble wrap on top of them before you close the box. We sell packing supplies.
  • Label your boxes.
    Label boxes so you know what’s inside. If you really want to get organized, label and number the boxes and record them in a spreadsheet that lists the box’s contents.
  • Mark boxes “FRAGILE”.
    Mark boxes containing breakable items with the word “FRAGILE”. Mark the box on the top and sides so it gets your attention.
  • Don’t overpack moving boxes
    Overpacking makes boxes hard to lift and increases the chances of breaking fragile decorations. Use several smaller boxes rather than one big box.

Contact Us About Storage Units, Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies

Check out our storage unit sizes and contact us if you have questions about storing Christmas decorations and other items. Our staff is always happy to help.