Storage for Christmas Decorations Tag

Each holiday season, our Kamloops storage facility sees a boost to customer traffic as people get ready to decorate for Christmas. Many customers choose to store Christmas decorations in their storage unit, rather than at home, because 1) decorations take up a lot of space in home or apartment storage, and 2) many decorations are delicate and are better stored in a storage locker than in closets, garages, basements, etc.

It's nearly Christmas time again: time for family, food, giving, and time to remember which moving boxes contain what decorations and where the heck you stored them! If you are like many people, you'll begin the season wondering where you've stored the ornaments, tinsel, lights, garlands, wreaths and other decorations. You'll search for these things stored in moving boxes or old gift boxes - stowed in various locations around your home. They take up space in the garage or basement, closets, maybe even under the bed. Some items will be missing and never found, broken or hidden beneath a tangle of light strands and tinsel. The problem isn't the decorations…it's storage, or, rather, the lack thereof! For many people, this all too common scenario plays itself out year after year. Why not find a permanent home for these sentimental (and expensive) decorations so: 1) you can find them, 2) they are safe, and; 3) they don't clutter up your home?