Why the Cheapest Storage in Kamloops May Cost You More in the Long Run

Roll up door on larger storage unit

Why the Cheapest Storage in Kamloops May Cost You More in the Long Run

We all like to save money, but renting the cheapest storage in Kamloops could provide a false sense of savings. If price is the only consideration used to test the relative merit of storage unit rentals, people often overlook the actual value they receive for the monthly storage rental fee they pay. There are many factors that determine “value” and price is only one part of the equation.

Valleyview Mini Storage offers competitively-priced storage options and over 45 different storage unit sizes to accommodate a range of needs and budgets. We may not be the cheapest storage Kamloops, though we are by no means expensive. When we started our storage business, our goal was to strike a balance between cost and value – offering convenience, security, climate-controls, storage options, and good customer service at reasonable prices.

The Downside of Choosing Cheap Storage

The following are several reasons choosing budget storage in Kamloops can cost you more in the long run.

Narrow Range of Storage Unit Choices

Cheap storage facilities often don’t offer many storage unit size choices. You may have too little space or too much space in your storage unit. Because cheap storage is in high demand, there may also be a lack of supply.

No Climate-Control

Cheaper storage units may not be climate controlled. Climate-controlled storage ensures that your belongings are protected from heat, cold and humidity.  Read “What is Climate-Controlled Storage and Do You Need It?”.

Sub-Par Storage Security

All businesses need security features and storage is no exception. Low-cost storage facilities may not have adequate security measures in place, including surveillance cameras, keycard-only access, security protocols and good lighting. Your belongings may be at risk of theft.

Inconvenient & Restrictive Access Hours

Storage access hours may be one of the things that a cheap storage company limits to keep costs down. You may have to book ahead to visit your storage unit or storage hours may be restricted to weekdays during working hours.

Lack of Packing and Moving Supplies on Site

Storage and packing supplies go hand in hand. If you need boxes, packing tap and bubble wrap, will you have to go elsewhere to buy them, or does the storage company have ample supply on site like Valleyview Mini Storage?

Hidden Fees

Bait and switch marketing is a common tactic used by some storage businesses to attract clients. You may be enticed by the low-costs advertised only to find that those low rates only apply to small storage units that you’re told are not available.

Poor Customer Service

The quality of customer service varies greatly in the storage business. Cheap storage companies rely on cutting expenses to make a profit and customer care often suffers as a result. It costs a company money to train staff, take time with customers, answer questions and accommodate special requests.

Questions About Storage Units & Pricing? We’re Here to Help

If you have questions about storage unit pricing and options, please call 250-314-6253 or contact us here. Our helpful staff are happy to answer your questions. Valleyview Mini Storage offers competitive rates for climate-controlled storage units. You can access your secure storage unit from 7am – 7pm seven days per week and our office hours are 9am – 5pm, Monday to Saturday.