Business Spring Cleaning – Our Kamloops Commercial Storage Units Make It Easy

Business Spring Cleaning – Our Kamloops Commercial Storage Units Make It Easy

If you’re considering a little spring cleaning for your business, use our handy cleaning and decluttering checklist below and make our Kamloops commercial storage facility your last stop on spring cleaning day.

Over time, businesses accumulate a lot of “stuff” – from boxes of old paperwork, to used computer and electronics equipment, to old office furnishings.  If you’ve been putting off cleaning and decluttering, you are not alone. The problem for most people is getting started. That’s where our checklist will help.

Things Your Kamloops Business Needs to Tackle Spring Cleaning and Decluttering

  • Boxes – We recommend using new boxes rather than old grocery store boxes. Gathered grocery store boxes are often weak, musty and damp, which can result in contents becoming mold damaged.
  • Packing supplies such as tape, bubble wrap and packing paper.
  • Labels or a felt pen.
  • A business storage unit – Valleyview Mini Storage has many sizes of commercial storage units
  • An easy-to-follow checklist (see below).

Visit Valleyview Mini Storage for a great selection of boxes and packing supplies in our office.

Business Decluttering Checklist

Before spring cleaning your business, we recommend making a 4-column list of items that will either be given away, recycled, thrown out, or moved to your business storage unit in Kamloops.

Give Away Recycle Throw Out Move to Storage
Unused office chairs Outdated computers and electronics Any old items that can’t be given away, recycled
or stored
Unused office chairs you want to keep
Used but working computer equipment Old phones “” Unused desks you want to keep
Computer cables “” Workspace partitions
Documents no longer required for taxes or client
“” Filing cabinets
Old books, magazines and manuals “” Book shelves
Outdated phone books “” Tradeshow booths and event materials
“” Trade and event signs
“” Boxes of documents and other paper archives
“” Office party decorations

Deciding Where to Put Business Items on the List

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help decide what to do with your business’s belongings when spring cleaning.

  1. Is the item used infrequently?
    If you haven’t used the item for a year or more, it’s a candidate for one of the columns above.
  2. Is the item seldom used, taking up space but will your business need it in the future?
    If you answer “Yes” it belongs in the business storage
  3. Is the item old, outdated, worn out or broken and longer in use?
    If it can’t be recycled or given away, throw it out.
  4. If the item has sentimental value, move it to storage.

Resources to Help Your Business Organize Items for Storage

Have Questions about our Kamloops Commercial Storage?

If you have questions about our business storage, contact us. Our Kamloops storage experts are always happy to help.