Is Your Kamloops Business Moving? Part 1 – You’ll Need Moving Boxes, Moving Supplies and These Tips

Is Your Kamloops Business Moving? Part 1 – You’ll Need Moving Boxes, Moving Supplies and These Tips

If you’re moving your Kamloops business, there’s much more to it than packing moving boxes, driving from point A to point B, and unpacking. If only it was that easy! Organization is the key to a successful move — especially when relocating a business. Logistically, moving a business to a new location is complex. First, there’s visualizing where things will go in your new offices, when to do what part of the move, ensuring services are hooked up and ready when you’re in, and lastly, what to do if you find out your business equipment, furnishings, and other office items, won’t fit in your new space.

Too many times, we’ve heard stories from our Kamloops business storage customers about getting to their new business only to find out that there is no room for a few pieces of office furniture and items that were stuffed in closets or in-office storage.

Avoiding this frustration is easy. Just follow these tips:

Business Move Planning, Packing and Storage

  1. Get a floor plan of your new Kamloops business or office space.
    Square footage can be deceiving, and it’s not just the square footage you need to be concerned about. The way office spaces are configured may or may not accommodate your current fixtures and furnishings. You may be able to obtain a floor plan from the property manager or building owner. The floor plan should show the exact square footage and layout of the space, including waiting room(s), offices, common areas and closet or in-office storage space.If your business is small to medium-sized, you could go so far as to print the plan at a 1 inch = 1-foot scale if possible (or use another proportion that’s easy to calculate). Once you have a floor plan and know its scale, measure furnishings and office equipment and pencil them into the plan to scale. Obviously, if you are moving a corporate headquarters, this won’t be practical, but the floor plan can still help you guesstimate space usage needs.For smaller businesses, this step may help you identify what items could be moved to storage.
  2. Make a list of things to move to storage.
    Many Kamloops businesses cram their in-office storage with items they rarely, if ever use, and/or items that should be secured, such as archives of business documents. Add to your list any furniture and old equipment that is no longer used or doesn’t fit. Moving these items to storage will free up some space at your business’s new location.
  3. Find a moving company with experience in business moving.
    A couple of months before your move, look for a moving company that has experience doing business moves. Many moving companies specialize in residential moving but may do very few business moves. The distinction is important since timing is everything, to ensure your move goes smoothly and your staff can transition easily from one work space to another.
  4. Arrange for business storage in Kamloops.
    Several weeks before moving your business, contact Valleyview Mini Storage and discuss business storage. Valleyview can help you choose the right size storage unit and has an excellent supply of moving boxes, packing and moving supplies. Valleyview is a secure, video- monitored, climate-controlled storage facility with key-card only access. Customer access is 7am to 7pm, 7 days per week, with office hours 9am to 5pm 6 days per week. The office is closed on Sundays.
  5. Avoid using grocery boxes as moving boxes.
    Using old grocery boxes as moving boxes is a bad idea for two main reasons: mold and inherent weakness. Grocery boxes are not built to last. Furthermore, scavenged grocery boxes are often slightly damp from storing vegetables and fruit, and therefore susceptible to mold. If these boxes are used for storage, you may be inviting an infestation of mildew and mold which can ruin textiles, papers, and impart a permanent sour odour to your possessions. Old grocery boxes most often do not have lids, and are made of weaker cardboard than moving boxes. The cardboard is also broken down from shipping and storing fruits and veggies. If you use them as moving boxes, you risk damage to your valuables from being dropped or lack of protection while being jostled around in the moving truck.

Read part 2 next month.

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