Is Your Kamloops Business Moving? – Part 2

Is Your Kamloops Business Moving? – Part 2

In part 1 of this article we explained why being organized is the key to success when moving your Kamloops business. There’s much more to moving than buying moving boxes and moving supplies.

To review, in part 1 we suggested you: 1) obtain a floor plan for your new business so you can see how things will fit; 2) make a list of things to move into storage; 3) find a moving company with experience moving businesses; 4) arrange for business storage in Kamloops; and, 5) avoid using grocery boxes as moving boxes. Below, we continue our list of tips where we left off.

  1. Make sure utilities and other services move with you!
    Make a list of all current utilities and services that need to be cancelled and/or transferred to your new address. This list might include cable, phone, electricity, security monitoring, water delivery, magazine subscriptions, cleaning services and other office services.
  2. Change of address and phone
    Contact vendors, current clients, and Canada Post about your new address and phone number. Update your website, stationary and marketing collateral with your new Kamloops business address and phone number.
  3. Make an inventory of business equipment such as computers, telephones, faxes, printers.
    Make an inventory of computers and business equipment. Label them so you know where they will go in your new office space. A few weeks in advance of the move, consult with an IT specialist to plan your new business’s computer network.
  4. Begin packing moving boxes a few weeks in advance.
    A few weeks before your move, identify seldom-used items that can be packed into moving boxes (either for the move or for storage). Remember to label boxes! Labelling moving boxes will make unpacking much quicker and easier. You’ll know which room/office the box belongs to.
    Pack each computer in its own moving box and place all peripherals, cords and cables, USB sticks, external memory in the box with the computer. Use plenty of bubble wrap and packing paper between items. Remember to label cords and cables as well as the box itself.
  5. Move items to business storage.
    In step 2, you made a list of items to move to business storage. Pack those items into moving boxes, label the boxes and inventory each box you pack for storage. Use Excel or Word and list the contents of the box and the label title. This way, when you do need to get something from storage, you’ll know what moving box to open and exactly what contents are inside.
  6. Move!
    Breathe a sigh of relief. Moving day is here, and because you followed the steps above, you can sit back and let the movers do their work. Unpacking will be easy, too, because you moved things you don’t need to storage, and labelled your moving boxes so you know exactly what to unpack first.

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