Kamloops Commercial Storage Resolutions: How to Get Started

Getting ready to move to Kamloops commercial storage

Kamloops Commercial Storage Resolutions: How to Get Started

If haven’t already made business or office clean up resolutions for 2020, our Kamloops commercial storage facility can give you the motivation and space you need to get things in order.

If you’re like most business owners, you have good intentions when it comes to organizing your business or office, but never seem to find the time. The best way to get started is to…well…start. In your mind’s eye, you’re likely seeing the entire journey and all the work involved. Doing so is discouraging and may prevent you from getting started. Instead, commit to taking the first step, with a little planning before you pack that first box.

For local business owners who want to finally tackle accumulated items and get organized, the first step is to call a commercial storage company in Kamloops (we suggest Valleyview Mini Storage!) and discuss storage sizes and rates. If you take that first step, you might be surprised how your motivation builds.

Planning for Business Clean-Up

After you’ve called a Kamloops storage facility or two and have asked questions, rented a storage unit and purchased boxes and packing supplies, it’s time to prepare. Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. This adage is true of everything in life, including clearing out your business or office and moving things into commercial storage.

Here’s how to prepare:

  1. Brainstorm
    Make a list of spaces you’d like to clear. Use paper, your favourite word processor or spreadsheet and create a column for each for each office, closet, or space you’d like to organize and clear.
  2. Delegate organizing and packing
    Delegating makes the job easier and increases the chances it’ll get done. Choose several employees to help and assign each of them a room or space to organize and eventually pack.
  3. List items you want to move
    Below each column you created in Step 1 above, list items that should be moved to storage.
  4. Pick a packing date and announce it
    Picking a packing date and announcing it will force you and your employees to commit to the job.
  5. Pick a moving date and announce it
    Choose a weekday that isn’t busy or provide an incentive for staff to attend a weekend day. Lunch or dinner after the move is a great way to incentivize employees and turn a moving day into team building exercise.
  6. Book or borrow a truck or van
    If you’re renting a truck or van, book it a couple of weeks in advance of the move to ensure what you need is available.
  7. Move items to storage

More Commercial Storage Tips

For more detailed tips on organizing, packing and moving to your Kamloops commercial storage facility, see “Decluttering Your Kamloops Business”. If you want to store business documents, see “Secure Document Storage: Why Kamloops Businesses Need It”.

Questions About Commercial Storage in Kamloops?

If you have questions about commercial storage, storage unit sizes and pricing, contact our helpful team at Valleyview Mini Storage. Our knowledgeable staff can answer questions and guide you to right storage options for your Kamloops business.