New Year Cleanup and Storage in Kamloops

New Year Cleanup and Storage in Kamloops

Like many Kamloops area residents, you’ve survived the holidays and may be wondering what to do with the seasonal items and gifts that have accumulated in your home. The clutter tends to grow with each passing season, leaving many of us wondering where to put it all. Should you store it at home, pile it in the garage, or rent a locker at a storage facility in Kamloops?

The New Year means the holiday is over, the tree is down, and spring is on the way. Now is a great time to look around your home and take stock of your possessions, old and new:

  • Are the empty vases and candle holders still on the mantle?
  • Are boxes of decorations and lights, cards and ribbons, rolls of wrapping paper cluttering up your office or bedroom?
  • Did you receive gifts you won’t use until summer, or only occasionally?
  • Is the treadmill taking up space and currently being used as a clothes hanger?
  • Are you keeping magazines, books, and precious photos in a box in the closet?

Where Will You Store All that Stuff?

While you’re sorting through everything, you might as well gather and give away winter clothes that you and your family no longer wear. Winter can be rather cold in Kamloops, and charities and shelters appreciate receiving jackets, coats, sweaters, and so on.

If you’re making room for the new, the staff at the Valleyview Mini Storage facility  can certainly be of help. At this time of year, we help many people to start the new year feeling organized and in control of their overflowing closets and shelves. They come to us for packing supplies (boxes, tape, bubble wrap, file storage and boxes), convenient storage lockers, and even advice about how to best store their precious things.

Tips for Deciding What to Store

Many of our Kamloops storage customers have procrastinated about packing up and storing their things, living with clutter because they don’t have a process for making decisions. When they finally do pack and move these things to storage, they feel much better and have more space! In the end, they wonder why they took so long to do something that turned out to be much easier than expected.

If that sounds like you, here are some useful tips to help you decide what to keep and what to store. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the item being stored in a closet and taking up space because it has sentimental value?
    If you have precious items you can’t bear to part with, they are candidates for packing up into boxes and moving into a storage facility.
  • Are you storing things under beds, on the tops of closets, in spare rooms or sheds?
    If you are using “make-do” storage, it may be sign you need actual storage.
  • Are seasonal items taking up space when they are only being used for a few weeks every year?
    Do you really need to live with Christmas boxes, wrap, gift bags, decorations, tree lights and other ornaments all year long? When the holidays are over, reclaim that space! The same thing applies to summer stuff. When summer is over, do you really need to live with summer sports gear, camping equipment and other summer gear? No! Pack them into boxes and take them to your storage unit.
  • Is the item too large for your home, but you don’t want to sell it or don’t want to part with it?
    We’ve all had large items that we like but don’t want to part with: the extra couch in a den that you are planning to give your son or daughter when they move out; an old record player, amplifier and speakers that you don’t want to sell because they are just so cool; that 30-year collection of National Geographic magazine sitting in a stack of boxes in the basement; or that old coffee table you were planning to restore one day. All of these things have value, sentimental or otherwise. You don’t have to part with them for good. Pack them up and store them. You can visit them any time you like.

Why Packing and Professional Storage is Better than Storing at Home

When stored in the basement, garage or shed, these important items that you use every year are exposed to cold, damp, mildew and mold. Apartment storage is neither climate-controlled nor secure.

Our safe, secure, indoor climate-controlled Kamloops mini-storage facility has everything you need to complete your New Year (or any time of year) cleanup projects easily, efficiently, and with a happy ending when you retrieve them. No crying over sweaters with moth holes, mildewed furniture, melted candles, and broken heirlooms.

Have Questions About Packing Supplies or our Kamloops Storage Facility?

If you have any questions about storage, need some advice about how to pack, or need to stock up on packing supplies, please speak with one of our storage experts. Contact us today!