How to Pack Your Kamloops Storage Unit Efficiently and Safely

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How to Pack Your Kamloops Storage Unit Efficiently and Safely

If you a renting a storage unit in Kamloops (hopefully with Valleyview Mini Storage!) you’ll need to learn the fine art of storage packing. It’s easy if you follow a few simple guidelines that make packing your storage unit efficient, give you easy access to your belongings, and don’t hurt your back!

10 Golden Rules of Storage Unit Packing

The following “golden rules” of storage unit packing will help ensure your belongings are protected and more easily accessed when needed.

  1. Always protect your breakables
    Use blankets, packing paper and bubble wrap liberally. Use “fragile” stickers or write “Fragile” on the box top, back and sides with a felt pen. We carry packing supplies (and boxes). In our office.
  2. If you can’t lift a box without strain, repack it into additional boxes
    If you’ve packed too much into a box, you can hurt yourself lifting it, or drop the box and damage your belongings. Pack as much as you can comfortably lift. If a box seems heavy or awkward to carry, use more boxes.
  3. Label boxes and catalogue what you pack
    Label boxes on the sides and top so you can easily figure out what’s inside. When you pack a box, use a notepad or spreadsheet to catalogue the box’s contents.
  4. Stack furniture such as couches on end
    By stacking some “long” furniture on end, you’ll take up less storage space. For furniture that remains horizontal (i.e. not stacked on end), remember to fill the voids in couch seat areas with boxes, rolled up rugs or other belongings that fit.
  5. Disassemble bed frames if possible.
    Disassembled bed frames take up very little space. Once disassembled, they can be laid down against the walls of the storage unit. Tape or wrap bed frame parts together. Place nuts and bolts and other small assembly parts in a zip lock bag and tape it to the bed frame.
  6. Remove table legs and wrap table tops in blankets or bubble wrap.
    Removing table legs will save a lot of storage space. Once removed, you’ll be able to place table tops vertically against storage walls, leaving more room for boxes and other belongings.
  7. Pack clothing or other valuable textiles in wardrobe bags.
    Wardrobe bags are breathable (so they don’t retain moisture and invite mold) yet they protect your textiles. They can be draped on other items or hung on the sides of the storage unit where they don’t take up much space.
  8. Stack high, but not too high!
    Use bigger boxes as the “base” of your “box columns”. This will ensure that other boxes placed on top are supported and stable. Stack high, keeping in mind that the “column” becomes less stable the higher you go. If you are trying to save space and find yourself stacking very high to do so, you may want to consider moving to a larger storage unit that will more easily accommodate your belongings. Valleyview Storage has 45 sizes to choose from!
  9. Leave yourself a way out
    While you want to maximize your storage space, you also need to get in and out. If you your unit is jammed to the rafters and you can’t leave a small path in and out, you may need a larger storage unit.
  10. Last in, first out
    Things that you may need access to from time to time should be placed toward the front of your storage unit. If not, you’ll have to move boxes and other items out of the unit to get to the items you need!

Need More Ideas for Packing Your Kamloops Storage Unit?

If you have questions about choosing the right size storage unit, or have questions about packing for efficient storage, contact us. Our staff is always happy to help!