Self Storage for Kamloops Students. Tips for Off Campus Renters

Self storage for Kamloops students

Self Storage for Kamloops Students. Tips for Off Campus Renters

If you’re a TRU student renting or sharing a house or apartment off campus you may have considered renting self storage in Kamloops. Renting or sharing a storage unit has many benefits. More space where you live, and peace of mind are just two good reasons to consider student storage options.

Our Kamloops Self Storage Facility

Valleyview Mini Storage is the most trusted name in Kamloops self storage. Customer service, convenience, state-of-the-art security, climate controls, and over 45 storage unit sizes set us apart from other storage companies. We offer students 25% off prepaid self storage rentals. Our student storage budget rate is a great way to save money while saving space! Our storage facility is just minutes from many areas within Kamloops, and you can access your storage unit from 7am to 7pm, seven days a week.

Student Storage Tips

The following are a few tips to help you get the most of out self storage.

Share Self Storage with House Mates

If you live in accommodations with other students, sharing self storage is a great way to minimize costs.  When sharing storage with other people:

  • Put your agreement in writing and have each person sign the agreement.
  • Be specific in your agreement, noting the length of agreement, length of required notice (e.g., 1 month’s notice) if someone no longer needs storage, and the date each person’s share of the total payment is due.
  • Choose one person who is ultimately responsible for the storage payment.

Find out whether shared storage is right for you. Read “When Shared Self Storage for Kamloops Housemates Makes Sense”.

If you’re looking for a Kamloops apartment rental near TRU, consider renting from our friends at McGill Ridge Apartments, just steps from TRU’s main gates.

Take an Inventory of Items You Plan to Store

To help determine the size of storage you’ll need, take an inventory of anything you plan on moving to storage. If you are sharing a self storage unit, each person involved in the agreement should create their own inventory. Items that you no longer wish to keep and don’t want to store can be put on a list for giving away or selling.

Sell or Donate Unused Items You Don’t Want to Store

If you take a little time to sell or donate items you no longer need, these belongings won’t be taking up precious space in your storage unit. Why pay to store things you no longer want? By selling or donating these belongings, you may also be able to rent a smaller self storage unit.

Use New Boxes and Plenty of Packing Paper or Bubble Wrap

We recommend that you use new boxes rather than searching supermarkets for old vegetable and fruit boxes. Grocery boxes usually don’t have lids, are often available in only a few sizes, and are frequently weakened by the moisture of the fruits and vegetables they once contained. That moisture can damage anything stored within and mold spores may also migrate to other belongings in your self storage unit.

Use plenty of packing paper or bubble wrap to protect items and fill void spaces in boxes so things can’t move around in the box.

Valleyview Mini Storage has a great selection of moving boxes, packing materials and tape.

Label Boxes

Finally, label your boxes. On the label, you can list main items stored in the box. If you’re sharing a storage unit, be sure to include your name on the label.

More Self Storage Tips

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Looking for Self Storage in Kamloops?

If you’re a student looking for self storage in Kamloops, consider Valleyview Mini Storage. If you have questions about storage unit sizes and rates, please contact us. We’re here to help.