Top 5 Reasons People Rent Kamloops Self Storage

Why rent kamloops self storage

Top 5 Reasons People Rent Kamloops Self Storage

People rent our Kamloops self storage units for many reasons, but the one common denominator is a need for additional space. We all have things that we don’t need access to all the time: furniture, clothing, equipment and tools, electronics, seasonal items, sporting and leisure gear, keepsakes, memorabilia, arts and crafts, and much more. Having storage near your Kamloops home lets you reclaim space and have somewhere safe for the belongings you’d rather not store at home.

The following are the top 5 reasons people rent self storage at Valleyview Mini Storage.


Self storage is frequently a requirement when you move homes or offices. Moving storage often starts out as a temporary need, then people realize the convenience and continue using storage long after they have settled into their new place.

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Create Space in the Home or Business

At home
If you store seldom-needed belongings in your basement, garage, shed, closets or spare rooms, you are giving up living space. You may also run out of room in your home to store things you use more often. If you rent self storage in Kamloops, you can reclaim living space and storage space.

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In your business
The longer you are in business, the more things you’ll accumulate and the less room you’ll in offices or on-site storage. When your place of business or offices are starting to feel cramped, it may be that you’re storing too many seldom-used but needed belongings at your workplace. Office square footage is expensive and storing items is probably not the best use of that costly real estate. Many businesses rent self storage for unused equipment, furnishings, office supplies, and inventory.

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Make Room in an “Empty Nest”

Many people that use our Kamloops storage facility are experiencing “empty nest syndrome”. The kids have grown up and left home and left you to sort out their storage problems! With the help of a storage unit, you can stop storing your children’s belongings in unused bedrooms, basements, or garages, and finally convert those spaces into something more useful, such as an office, den, or guest bedroom.


Some empty-nesters downsize, moving out of the family home and into a smaller house or apartment. As a result of downsizing living space, storage space is also downsized! A self storage unit is an excellent temporary (or permanent) solution to space problems if you have downsized or are planning to downsize.

Support a Trade or Home-Based Business

Self-employed tradespeople sometimes rent self storage rather than storing valuable tools, equipment, and materials at home or in their work vehicles. Storing valuable work-related belongings at home takes up living space, and storing things in your vehicle or garage is an open invitation to thieves.

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Rent Self Storage in Kamloops Today!

If you see yourself in the list of top reasons people rent self storage in Kamloops, you’re certainly not alone. Sooner or later, you’ll need storage. If you’ve been considering renting storage and need help choosing the appropriate size self storage unit, please contact us. Our helpful staff can estimate the right size storage unit for your needs and answer any other questions you may have.