3 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Easily Keep with the Help of a Storage Unit

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3 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Easily Keep with the Help of a Storage Unit

If you have a storage unit at our Kamloops storage facility, there are a several home organization-related New Year’s resolutions you can easily keep. In this article, we’ll provide some tips for cleaning out and organizing a storage unit, getting ready for spring cleaning, and organizing your work-from-home office.

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Cleaning & Organizing a Storage Unit

Starting off with a clean slate is what the new year is all about. If you haven’t been to your storage unit for awhile, or if the disorganization within it gnaws at you each time you visit, perhaps it’s time to make storage cleanup your #1 cleaning-and-organizing resolution. We recommend doing this before any other home cleaning or organizing takes place, because those jobs are made much easier once your storage unit is in order.

The following are a few quick tips to help:

  • Identify things in storage that you will never use or need again
  • Sell, give away, or recycle anything that is no longer needed
  • Move boxes and other items that you frequently access to the front of your storage unit
  • Turn boxes so labels face the front of storage. Label boxes if needed

Read “How to Pack Your Kamloops Storage Unit Efficiently and Safely” for more tips.

Getting Ready for Spring Cleaning

Once you’ve organized your storage unit, it’s time to start getting ready for spring cleaning. Preparing for spring cleanup a bit early prevents procrastination once spring arrives. At this stage, you aren’t doing any cleaning or organizing; you’re laying the groundwork.

Below are a few tips that will give you a head start on spring cleaning:

  • Identify belongings in your home that you will either sell, give away, or move to storage
  • Label those items with a post-it note marked “Sell”, “Give away” or “Storage”
  • List items on for sale or giveaway on Craigslist
  • Buy moving boxes and packing supplies now, so you’re ready when spring arrives

Read more detailed spring cleaning and decluttering tips.

Organizing Your Work From Home Office

If you’ve been working from home during the pandemic but are still using a kitchen counter or living room table as your workspace, it doesn’t take much effort to create a more functional home office that isn’t in the way.

An unused bedroom, corner of your master bedroom, or even a closet can be turned into a home office. For work-from-home spaces, most people don’t want to use a large space committed only to office work.

The following small furnishings provide the needed functionality without sacrificing much space. We’ve linked to Google images so you can see examples.

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